Dodge Challenger V8

Starting from
AED 600 / Day
AED 8500 / Monthly

Challenge your routine with a Dodge Challenger from Faster Rent. We up your game and give you the next big thing through our spectacular car rentals, and this car is your stairway to heaven. From mind-blowing engine power to a tremendous exterior design, this Challenger is the perfect choice for everyone wanting to live the excitement of Dubai.

Impress your date or take your friends out for a chilling cruise under the Arabian stars with a stunning Dodge. Driving to parties and enjoying late-night activities will have a different feel now with your new rental. Just make sure you’re renting it from the right place.

A Dash of Engine Strength

The Dodge Challenger is a strong and easy-to-handle car. You can drive on long roads in the UAE between emirates easily and safely without even caring. These long road drives won’t even feel that long when you’re in a marvelous car like this.

Popping open the hood is another story, for the Doidge has quite some extra juice packing in its engine. It has a 5.7 -liter engine and 400 horsepower with an amazing torque power to go with it. From automatic 8-speed transmission to excellent suspension, the Dodge has it all. All that remains is the will and determination to rent this tamable beast.

Rent it Faster with us

Numerous car dealerships offer great cars for rent and good prices. However, at Faster Rent, we offer our clients great memories and a sensational experience to go with their exceptionally priced rental. We’re all about making your stay in Dubai a remarkable one. Even if you’re already a resident, it’s never too late to upgrade your current vehicle to a more exciting one like the Dodge Challenger.

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