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Ferrari Roma Rental

The cleanest-looking Ferrari for a generation, Maranello’s new entry-level GT is based on the drop-top Portofino but is barely recognizable as such, visually or dynamically. The shark-nosed two-plus coupe is a purer design than most of the company’s recent offerings and although it shares some underpinnings with the Portofino, including its front-mounted V8, its gran tourism brief comes with a sporting edge, Ferrari Roma Rental in Dubai.

Roma Performance

The athletic muscle is hidden beneath a classic power bulge and high arches. The now-familiar turbocharged V8 is updated for the Ferrari Roma Rental in Dubai to produce 612 hp between 5,750-7,500 rpm and 560 lb-ft of torque at 3,000-5,750 rpm. Ferrari claims a 0-62 mph time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. Thanks to a new exhaust where the engineers have removed the silencers to fit in Gas Particulate Filters, the engine meets the very latest emissions regulations.

It also has new bypass flaps to give the V8 deeper vocal cords, but you need to push the rev needle quite high to get the most of the sounds on offer. The Getrag 8-speed DCT gearbox has been developed from the one used in the SF90 Stradale and is lighter and faster than the old 7-speed. Ferrari Roma Rental Dubai The ratios are not quite as harsh as on the SF90 though, even in Race mode. Talking of which, the Roma is the first Ferrari GT to get a Race mode and the first with five steps to the Manteno – Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race, and ESC Off.

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Roma Interior

The interior is divided into two handcrafted sections for driver and passenger. It’s dominated by beautiful leather and the latest digital screen technology. Plus, there are two small rear seats that add to the GT character and which you might just get the kids into, provided they aren’t tall teenagers Ferrari Roma For Rent.

What is also very noticeable is the 16-inch instrument cluster that part of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and so it should be because it contains all your essential info. Ferrari Roma Rental Dubai Its adjustable so you can have more map and less speed info, or vice versa and in-between. It’s controlled via a touch-sensitive pad on the steering wheel where you’ll find other essential controls to try to avoid you being distracted elsewhere in the cabin.

You do have to use the center console screen to adjust the climate control and some of the vehicle settings though. With no haptic feedback and a slight hesitancy to respond at times, it’s probably best left to the passenger, who by the way have their own touchscreen in front of them to control audio, navigation or see just how fast you are driving before punching you on the shoulder and telling you to slow down.

Controls are all well laid out although, in typical Ferrari style, many of the buttons are a little different from the layout of rivals like Porsche and Maserati. It’s all the first Ferrari to use the voice activation command.

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