Rolls Royce Dawn

Starting from
AED 3500 / Day
AED 4500

It’s only a matter of time before Rolls Royce dominates the entire automobile industry with its innovative car designs. Feist your eyes on the all-new Rolls Royce Dawn that will take you on a trip to the future. This model isn’t like all the other models! Sure it still has that exquisite, comfortable seating design and astonishing good looks, but now you can enjoy a wind-in-your-hair experience with the roofless top option. Nothing can surpass the greatness and marvelous design of this car brand. It’s your best choice for a divine driving experience in the modern city of Dubai.

Take On The Excitement

When you decide to rent this beauty, you’ll instantly notice the excitement taking over your entire body. Cruising around with that twin-turbocharged engine under the hood with a direct fuel injunction enhances your confidence. There’s nothing like driving a car that not only looks elegant but can also put up a fight when needed to.

Some of our customers find it the perfect car to be chauffeured around Dubai. The comfortable seats in the back are perfect for relaxing and relieving stress while your driver handles the traffic and parking. Plus, you can catch up on some calls and other errands without worrying about breaking any laws.

If businesses and famous people can do it, so can you!

More Luxury For You

Luxury is about paying top dollar for the best cars, houses, and activities. However, we at Faster Rent are dedicated to bringing you that luxury with the best prices possible. You can start driving your very own Dawn rental at the lowest price you can find. We also offer great deals for customers wanting to rent for a few months are longer. Just make sure you call us when you want to take that step into the luxury life we offer.

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    Rolls Royce Dawn
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