BMW X1 Rental

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AED 350 / Day
AED 6500 / Monthly
  • Free Delivery
  • Insurance Included
BMW Logo
AED 350 / Day
  • Free Delivery
  • Insurance Included

Affordable BMW X1 Rental Dubai Service

Faster.rent offers the amazing BMW X1 rental in Dubai service for all requirements. It is an affordable economy car with perfect features to make road trips much more convenient and comfortable. Get your favorite BMW X1 hire service in Dubai for memorable road trips across the UAE. It is the perfect car rental option when you are looking to save money and don’t compromise on the quality of the car.

Rent the economy BMW X1 in Dubai at an affordable daily price of AED 300-400 at any time. It is the perfect car for amazing road trips while saving money. Get the best BMW features at amazing rental prices to make road trips across the UAE much more convenient and comfortable. Call us today to book your service and find out more about pricing and availability.

BMW X1 Hire in Dubai for Business and Family Trips

We provide your favorite BMW X1 rental in Dubai service for all road trips and requirements. Whether you need the BMW X1 hire for business or family vacations, we will provide the perfect service. Also, we offer your favorite European car rental service for visitors and tourists with foreign driving licenses.

  • BMW X1 rent a car in Dubai service for foreign tourists
  • Rent BMW X1 in Dubai for business at any time
  • BMW X1 rental in Dubai service for family trips
  • Make road trips more exciting with the BMW X1 hire
  • Quick doorstep delivery and collection services in Dubai

Flexible BMW X1 Rent a Car Services for Events and Vacations

BMW X1 Rental Dubai Service for Events

Get your favorite BMW X1 rental in Dubai service for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Eid, Christmas, or any other event with quick delivery.

Flexible BMW X1 Hire Plans and Services

Faster.rent offers daily, weekly, and monthly BMW X1 hire packages in Dubai for all road trip requirements. Rent today for any UAE road trip.

Economy Car with Perfect Luxury Features

Make your vacation much more exciting with the amazing BMW X1 rent a car service in Dubai. It is the perfect economy car for all requirements.

Stylish, Comfortable, and Safe Car Rental

The BMW X1 is a stylish, comfortable, luxurious, and safe car to drive anywhere in Dubai. Rent this amazing car to make your trips more memorable.


Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai

For the best touring experience in Dubai and around the UAE, car rental is the best option. Public transport and other options will not allow you to enjoy all the attractions here in the desert city. Also, Faster Rent a Car offers tourists and also locals in the city to rent their favourite sports cars, SUVs and luxury cars for all kinds of requirements. Documents required for renting a car in Dubai are as follows:

Documents Required for UAE Residents
  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID or UAE Resident Visa
Documents Required for Tourists in Dubai
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Dubai or UAE Visit Visa
  • Airport Entry Stamp May Be Asked
  • Valid Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit

Tourists from some countries including the rest of the GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and a few others can rent luxury cars without an international driving permit. Also, tourists from some countries will need international driving permits to drive and rent cars in Dubai.