Chrysler 300


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Rent Chrysler 300 in Dubai

Cruising around the UAE in a good-looking car model that acts perfectly on point is always more fun. That’s when renting your dream car is a great option. At Faster, we offer each model for unbeatable prices you can afford and enjoy with every wheel spin. This outstanding Chrysler model’s spectacular exterior design will put you in the spotlight. At the same time, its interior is luxurious, wide enough for all your family members and cosy enough to get comfortable on the road. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the UAE’s beauty on every street.

Why Pick This Beauty?

Even though there are many rental agencies in the UAE where your dream car is available, your vehicle is taken great care of at Faster. We deliver our cars in excellent condition and with superb appearance for you to admire every trip behind the wheel. This beauty comes with a fascinating  24-valve V-6 engine that provides exceptional power, even uneven ones, on every street. It delivers the perfect power you need of 300 hp @ 6350 rpm horsepower and 264 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm maximum torque. At the same time, with the power of an 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode transmission, your experience is fascinating.

With a superb selection of features and specifications, you enjoy every quality of your car to the fullest. As the interior is comfortable, you can admire sitting behind the wheel comfortably. Furthermore, your appearance would be superb as you enjoy the adventure with power. In general, it’s all about enjoying a memorable experience.

Rent Your Dream Car

With this Chrysler 300 model from Faster, you’ll meet the UAE’s beauty from a new perspective, luxury and joy! It only takes a few minutes for you to rent it from our team, but a great pleasure to admire behind its wheel! If you aim to respect every corner of this place, contact our team and get your car!


Chrysler 300
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