Range Rover Velar


  • Included
    4×4 (SUV)
    Audio Input
    GPS Navigation
    USB Input
    Power Seats
    Power Door Locks
    LCD Screens
    Alloy Wheels
    Push Button Start
    Adaptive Cruise Control
    Built-in GPS
    USB Charging Point
    Power Mirrors

To some, all Range Rover models look the same. However, if you’re truly a range rover lover, then you’ll instantly know that there’s more than meets the eye. Meet the one and only Velar model from this amazing car brand. It looks and feels like any other model from the same class, but the specs and design are far superior. For most UAE residents, SUVs are perfect for the desert heat and the prestige of living in Dubai. They offer a chic style and comfortable seats, with suspension that makes driving behind the wheel a sensational journey. Nothing but the best is offered from Faster Rent.

Modern-Age Modifications

The Velar is not your typical Range Rover SUV. Sure it might look like one, but the engine has more to say. Pop open the hood and take a look at what we call perfection. Feist your eyes at the supercharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine with aluminum block and heads and direct fuel injection. That’s not all; it has a maximum RPM power of 6500 thanks to its massive horsepower of 380 hp. The torque, transmission, and suspension, on the other hand, are responsible for your soft and cozy drives in the streets.

When put to the test, this exotic vehicle can reach 60 miles per hour in just 5.7 seconds, which is more than you’d expect from other models. Not to mention the substantial cargo size, it has 34 cubic feet. We say, grab one of these babies and take the family on the vacation of a lifetime.

Take The First Step into Perfection

Don’t think about it, just rent it! With our amazing prices and great deals on long-term rentals, it would be insane not to rent a Range Rover Velar. Take the first step toward perfection and contact us to book your model today!


Range Rover Velar
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