Rent a Car for Your Late-Night Fun in Dubai

Whether it’s the end of the week and it’s time for some weekend fun, or it’s just any other normal day of the week. The fun and party in Dubai never stops! It’s time to enjoy some dance music and tropical drinks at your favorite club, bar, or rooftop pool. Staying up late is no problem because with a crazy and wild city like Dubai, going to sleep early or leaving the party before midnight is just a bummer. You’re a party popper if you ask us! Of course, dressing for the occasion won’t be difficult if you have the right car to show for it.

Party in Dubai with a Flashy Sports Car from FASTER Rent a Car

Arriving at your favorite club is going to be easy if you take a cab or Uber, but where’s the fun in that? I thought we just said that Dubai is the best place to be for having a good time. Don’t you think you have to at least show up with a modern car to fit the protocol?

You need to steal the lights when arriving at the front door of the club. Plus, the after-party in that luxurious car you picked out is going to be a blast. Therefore, no need to buy a car for these special occasions, just rent one instead and get the opportunity to experience fun to the fullest. So, how about we at Faster Rent a Car give you a quick overview of some of the cars we have to offer.

McLaren 720S

McLaren White For Rent In Dubai

McLaren White For Rent In Dubai

Now the McLaren is considered a fast sports car that meets the expectations of those who like powerful cars, but have you seen the exterior design of this beauty? This car is able to bring you that wild and charismatic character to the building with just a simple one-way park. Stepping out of the interior of this remarkable convertible is going to have the cameras (if there are any) all over you and the crowd (if there are any) screaming for you. At least that’s how we see it.

Luxury Car Rental

 This two-seater has a V8 engine with a horsepower of 570 per hour. The interior design is spectacular, comfortable, and elegant, and of course, the exterior has its own sleek personality. So, next time you think of enjoying a nice night out, we recommend you rent this extraordinary car.

Lamborghini Aventador

If you’re willing to spend your Thursday night at the bar of your choice, and maybe take a special someone with you on a date, then you might need an impressive car to show for it. This Lamborghini Aventador says “I’m fun, outgoing, and loves to party”, at least that what it says on the label. Renting one of these magnificent cars will turn your date, late-night fun, and party around, and will give you a night to remember.

 The Lamborghini Aventador comes with a V12 engine that sets a high standard for all modern age cars these days. Not to mention the cutting-edge technology and innovative exterior and interior design of this magnificent beast. It’s not a party night if you’re not renting a Lamborghini to do the job.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn For Rent In Dubai

Rolls Royce Dawn For Rent In Dubai

Now, for a party car, the Rolls Royce Dawn might not be your first choice for a memorable wild night. That’s ok because what this elegant car was made for is those high class and fancy nights out in some prestigious restaurant or bar, where parties are a bit different than the usual ones. Nevertheless, as soon as you make that glamorous stop in front of the entrance, there’s no doubt that you’ll have all eyes on you when you step out of your convertible. Plus, cruising around the city before your arrival is going to be one heck of a drive.

The Rolls Royce Dawn comes with a 6.6-liter V12 engine that gives it a powerful 563 horsepower. Moreover, under all that elegant and eye-catching exterior, the interior of this car is a true beauty and extremely comfortable. Rent your Rolls Royce Dawn from us at Faster Rent a Car and get the “Casa Nova” experience.

Porsche Carrera

Porsche Panamera S for Rent In Dubai

Porsche Panamera S for Rent In Dubai

Whether you’re a party animal that enjoys wild, loud, and crazy parties, or you’re a party person that enjoys elegant high-class style parties, this car is for you. There’s no doubt that all of the cars we have mentioned are truly unique. However, when you come to a crossroads between wild and elegant, then the Porsche Carrera will give you the best of both worlds. Its unique fancy style on the outside says “let’s have a prestige night!” while its inner beast says “let’s burn the roof down”, (figuratively speaking).

The Porsche Carrera has a turbocharges flat-six engine with a horsepower of 444bhp. Not to mention the seven-speed PDK automatic transmission on this baby. The interior is a breathtaking sight and a cloud-like experience, while the exterior puts the “W” in “Wow.” When you want to enjoy a night in Dubai, take it to boundaries not yet reached by renting a Porsche Carrera from Faster Rent a Car.

Ferrari 812

Ferrari 488 For Rent In Dubai

Ferrari 488 For Rent In Dubai

Our collection wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Ferrari to the list of extraordinary party cars. While some cars steal the spotlight, this car steals the show. It’s not just a dream car for everyone, it’s a must-have party car when spending a night in the great modern city in Dubai. It has it all, appearance, performance, style, easy-handling, and personality. The Ferrari 812 is the car for you if you want to experience life to the fullest in Dubai.

 This car has a 6.5-liter V12 power plant engine as it delivers a stunning 788 horsepower when it hits the roads. A seven-speed automatic transmission and east steering feature gives it a respectable place among the fastest cars in its class. Rent an all-around car and skid the roads of Dubai from us at Faster Rent a Car.

 It doesn’t stop there, for our company always strives to provide the best and classiest cars in the market to meet your expectations. The list doesn’t stop there! Go to Our Fleet section and check out our wide selection of luxurious cars from us at Faster Rent a Car. Let your next late-night fun in Dubai be a memorable one.

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Rent a Car for Your Late-Night Fun in Dubai
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